Together working with God in our community…

  1. As a Christ centred family. Ensuring all ages communities cultures and ethnic groups are valued, equal and represented in leadership.
  2. Alongside Christian communities.
  3. With local community groups and representatives.
  4. with local people.


  1. To help others recognise God’s love.
  2. To share in the story of Jesus.
  3. To serve our neighbor.
  4. To be a voice for those not heard.
  5. To journey with those who are excluded, lost or lonely.

In our Community:

  1. In the area of Kensington, Fairfield and Edge Hill Liverpool.
  2. In the Deanery of North Liverpool.
  3. In Liverpool city.
  4. In the work place.
  5. Through social media

With God:

  1. We recognise that God is present and active in all areas of our community and we seek to partner him in all we do.

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