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135        HOSANNA  Luke 19 v 22-38


               Jerusalem loomed –


               The final chapter;


               Last success now –


               Strife hereafter.


               Find a donkey


               For the Master,


               Take things slowly,


               Nothing faster.


               Folk arriving,


               Cheers and banners


               Building up to


               Great Hosannas. 





136 FIND ME A PONY Luke 19 v 28-38 and Luke 18 v 31-34



   Find me a pony upon which I can ride

   And take it by the nose and lead me by your side

   And come along with me , I know you’ll like the ride …..

   But glory soon fades away.



   Something tells me that the crowds will all be out,

   The world will seem to explode with happy shouts

   And you will think you know just what it’s all about …..

   But the echoes will soon die away.



   Find me a pony , we’re due to be received –

   The road we’ll ride along is strewn with green palm leaves

   But don’t be blinded and do not be deceived …..

   The green leaves will soon rot away.                                                                                    





137  TEMPORARY LEASE  Luke 19 v 41-44



             Jerusalem , if you could see,

             With Christ installed as King,

             You could be saved a future time

             Of war and suffering,

             Defeat and then destruction

             For the people in your walls.

            (No walls will be left standing

             When the Holy City falls.)


             Alas, you do not understand

             That Christ is Prince of Peace,

             Your pride and your security

             Are on a temporary lease.










138  TURNING THE TABLES  Luke 19 v 45-46 and John 2 v 13-17



            “Den of thieves!”

            “Mark-up market!”

            (Money changers’ coins

             He scatters,

             Chases out the

             Pigeon sellers.)

            “Space for praying

             Is what matters!”


             He’s afire

             With indignation

             That the Temple

             Is degraded,

             That His Father’s House

             Should be

             The very place

             In which they traded.



139  FIX HIM!  Luke 19 v 47-48


            How do you kill someone

            When it is you

            That’s the teacher of

            ‘Thou shalt not kill’?


            With people aware that

            You have the best motive,

            A ‘hit man’ just won’t

            Fit the bill.


            To trump up some charges

            Could be an answer,

            But He’s too sharp to

            Fall for cheap tricks;


            This man is so liked

            That, whatever you do,

            It will be a real headache

            To fix.

151  FINAL ROUTINE  Luke 21 v 37 – Luke 22 v 1


               In the Temple,



               The early morning,



               Mount of Olives

               In the

               Night time;

               Evening cool,

               For prayer

               The right time.


               Closing days,

               The Feast



               Remaining time


152  INSECURITY  Luke 22 v 1-2


         My private world is crumbling

         With insecurity,

         My authority is threatened;

         Why can’t he leave us be?

         This far-too-clever Holy Man’s

         A spanner in our works …..

         Too many people following him

       – They really must be jerks!


         Ignorant fools they may be

         But they are my power base …..

         I wish that we could rub him out

       – But he’s so tough to erase.

         He writes on minds indelibly,

         And it’s quite exciting stuff!

         The things he does … well, we can’t do

       – We only ever bluff!


         The populace is rumbling us,

         We’ll have to call a halt;

         So, if we kill him ,  he’s to blame –

         It really is his fault.

         I wouldn’t call it ‘murder’,

         That’s quite a nasty word …..

         Get someone else to execute!

       – No blame must be incurred.






   Somewhere along the line,

      I must have left the back door ajar …

      That’s ironic because, bit by bit,

      My front door seems

      To have been closing.


   Somewhere along the line,

      The privilege of being one of the twelve,

      Of being called by name,

      Has lost its shine.

….. To you I am disclosing,   that


   Somewhere along the line,

      I watched Christ’s days,

      Then drew away, to say

      Not your will, but mine.

….. To you I am exposing,   that


   Somewhere along the line,

      True light denied,

      The gloom inside

      Took over behind a closed front door.

….. And now I am supposing,   that


   Somewhere along the line,

      By darkness hid,

      The Prince of Darkness slid

      Unnoticed, through the door ajar.

….. His will, he’s now imposing.



154  DO IT FOR THIRTY  Luke 22 v 4-6 and Matthew 26 v 14-16


  “I’ve come in response to your advert

 – Said you wanted somebody with drive.

   So what is this job you want doing? …..

   You’re joking! …..

   And the fee is just five?!


   You’re not used to this kind of thing, are you?

   And you’ll likely not do it again!

   It’ll cost more than five,  so you’d better get real –

   Come on, gents! …..

   You can find more than ten!


   Pleasing you, and not Him, feels uncanny.

   You’re owed nothing ; you owe me plenty!

   Really, I owe Him a lot more …..

   What’s that? …..

   You thought I said ‘Twenty’?!


   You know , there’s a lot you must answer;

   This whole scheme is degrading and dirty!

 – I can’t think of a single good reason …..

   Take or leave it …..

   I’ll do it for thirty!” 




155  PASSOVER UPSTAIRS  Luke 22 v 7-13


      “Have you seen Judas lately?

       Never mind, I’ve got a job;

       Pete and John, here’s your instructions –

       Go and find this man called Bob.

       He’s easy enough to find, because

       I’ve heard he likes a jar,

       And he walks round with it on his head

     – Takes things a bit too far!”


      “I know you won’t believe this,

       But you’ll see him in the street

     – Just follow him into his house

       And he’ll show you where we’ll eat.

       He’s got a big room at the top

       With a table and some chairs;

       You know, I’ve always fancied

       Spending Passover upstairs.”


      “So go and get things ready.

       Don’t buy bacon or boiled ham;

       Remember, it’s a Jewish feast …..

       Let’s have a nice roast lamb.

       It’s tasty and it’s meaningful,

       Reminds us of our past –

       Our Father’s love and faithfulness

       When evil dice are cast.”


156     IN BREAD AND WINE, TILL THEN  Luke 22 v 14-20


   My compliments to the chef!

   A feast fit for a king!

   Your laughter has been wonderful

 – Alas, there is a sting …..

   For three years now, we’ve shared great times;

   Sadly, I must confide,

   This Feast will be the last you’ll see

   Before your Lord has died.


   When times get hard , as times must do, 

   I beg you please recall

 – And to this end, let’s drink a toast;

   Pass this cup round you all!

   My blood just like red wine will pour

   And bathe the lives of men,

   Just like a river, washing far

   Away each ingrained sin.

   Then pass this broken bread around;

   Let it be part of you,

   Just as my broken body’s life

   Will make your life anew.

   Take every word and thought of mine

   And inwardly digest;

   Let my life fill each part of you,

   Then you’ll be fully blessed.


   In bread and wine, I make this pledge

 – You will be in my heart,

   Until my Father’s Kingdom gives

   This world a brand new start,

   And, reunited, joy will know

   No bounds for you and me …..

   In bread and wine, till then my friends,

   Each other we will see.


157    YOUR SECRET’S SAFE    Luke 22 v 21-23


          I’m deeply sorry, Judas,

          I’ve known this for some time

        – Like a man hanging from a cliff,

          Hand slipping out of mine.

          Your friends don’t know yet!

          They’re all searching deep inside;

          Which one of them’s the traitor’s

          What they’re  trying to decide.


          Relax … Your secret’s safe with me

          Until you  let it out …..

          Look!   All of them are gutted –

          Can’t decide what it’s about.

          I’m deeply sorry, Judas,

          But I gave you every chance;

          It’s crunch time, and you’ve blown it,

          It’s too late to change your stance.


          Those other poor disciples …..

          I’ll just have to let them sweat!

          Each one of them is capable

          Of cowardice, and yet

          They’ll search inside for motives

          To betray me, all in vain,

          And be saddened by their weakness

        – But they’ll gain strength through their pain.


          Every kind word that I gave you,

          Every time I placed my trust,

          Every time I tried to help you –

          They have all been turned to dust!

          You are lost to me, poor Judas,

          Driven by some hellish force;

          I have no way to dissuade you

          Or to bar you from your course.


158  ‘GREATEST’ RE-RUN  Luke 22 v 24-27  


          “I am the greatest!”

         “No you’re not, it’s me!”

          Maybe you’d have thought by now

          That they could all agree.

          Jesus must remind them

          In very large amounts

          That, for greatness in the Kingdom,

          It’s servanthood that counts.


          Who is the greatest?

          Why, Jesus is, of course!

          Yet He is their servant

        – Of humility the source.

         “Do not try to lord it

          Over others, as do kings;

          This should never be your way

        – You’re made for better things!” 


159  ‘GREATEST’ AGREEMENT  Luke 22 v 28-30 and Luke 20 v 42-43


      Jesus has the right to rule


      In His coming Kingdom;


      All the world for His footstool,


      To judgment He will bring them.


      Now a new agreement making;


      Part in power-sharing


    – Through His  trials, themselves forsaking


    – Then new ‘trials’ chairing!



160  BRAVADO  Luke 22 v 31-34


         “Simon, you’re not listening to me!

          Satan will not leave you be –

          You’ll be harshly tested when

          He has his final fling at me.”


         “Let me at him!   Who’s he kidding?!

          I’m prepared to die for You!

          Jail is nothing to your *Rocky –

          Nothing to your buddy true!”


         “Such bravado, Simon Peter!

          You don’t know with whom you deal!

          Why, he’ll blow  and you’ll fall over,

          Very soon his force you’ll feel.


          Yes!  Today you’ll hear a cock crow

          After you’ve denied my name –

          I have prayed God will restore you

          To my friendship, once again.”



           (* NOTE : PETER MEANS ‘STONE’ OR ‘ROCK’)




161  WORSE THAN THE FIRST  Luke 22 v 35-38


             “That formidable task …..

             In pairs you were asked

             To go, without sacks –

             And yet nothing lacked.


             This time, take your purse;

             It will be much worse –

             Far worse than the first,

             You’ll think you’ve been cursed!”




162  GETHSEMANE  Luke 22 v 39-46


              In the Garden,

             You must pray alone,

             The distance of a stone.


             In the darkness,

             Left alone to weep,

             Friends all gone asleep.


             In the silence,

             Straining every nerve,

             Is your pleading heard?


             In the pleading,

             Drops of blood for sweat,

             Has your request been met?


             In the torment …

            “Take this cup from me,

             If another way there be!”


             In submission …

            “Not my will be done,

             Yours, only, is the one!” 



163  SUDDENLY  Luke 22 v 47-48



           Suddenly, their sleep was broken,

           Their tiredness awoken

           By harsh words being spoken …..


           Suddenly, the stillness shattered

           By armour being clattered;

           Gruff voices neared and chattered …..


           Suddenly, lit up by torchlight

           Shimmering, see through the night

           The faces, ghostly white …..


           Suddenly, a recognition

           From earlier premonition –

           Disciple of ambition …..  


           Then suddenly ….. a kiss.


164  WHEN JUDAS KISSED  Luke 22 v 48-53

   When Judas kissed the Saviour’s cheek –

   An evil night, when all was bleak –

   The Hosts of Hell all hissed and moaned

   While all the Hosts of Heaven groaned,

   And fear struck hearts and made them melt

   Like wax, and legs like jelly felt;

   Confusion, courage ebbing low ,

   But what to do they did not know.


   A sword flashed in the flickering light,

   A curdling scream that pierced the night …..

   Some ran off, whilst others swore …..

   A bloody ear lay on the floor.


   Amid the chaos, One is calm

   And, sorely pressed, shows no alarm;

   Re-joining ear, rebuking force ,

   Allowing things to take their course.

   With probing questions to the guards

   Before the High Priests, several yards,

   Of why they’d come with clubs and swords

   When He spoke only loving words.


   Not in the Temple, but at night,

   He was arrested without fight;

   In recognition of their hour,

   He gave Himself into their power.


Luke 22 v 54-62


           Jesus arrested,

           Sitting round waiting,

           There in the courtyard

           With others relating

           Tales of the evening –

           Fast-moving drama.

          (Back at the High Priest’s house,

           Things are now calmer.) 


           There, in the half-light,

           Peter is sitting;

           Three separate challenges –

           Not once admitting

           He is the friend

           Of that Man over there.

          (Turning to face Him,

           He meets Jesus’ stare.)


           He had been warned –

           But then he had forgotten;

           Hearing the cock crow

           And then feeling rotten,

           All he could do

           Was to get up and go.

          (But, oh, how he wished

           That it hadn’t been so.)   



166  BAND-WAGON  Luke 22 v 63-65 and Matthew 26 v 53


   The ‘small’ men play games ; unwarranted spite,

  Poking their fun … Can they know who this is?

  Jesus is beaten for who-knows-what-reason,

  Given a blindfold for sadistic quiz.


  Very restrained is the man with the power –

  Oh, what a long road He’s started upon;

  Here, on the very first step of His journey,

  All human dignity from Him has gone.



167  MEN FROM THE COUNCIL  Luke 22 v 66-71


         Now, at last, the day breaks

         And now to face the ‘big’ men,


         Meeting elder Jews,

         The ‘teachers of the Law’ men;


        “Are you the Messiah?” –

         A question from the ‘prig’ men,


        “Are you Son of God?” –

         The ‘Jesus-we-deplore’ men.


         Jesus cannot answer

         The ‘no-way-we’ll-believe’ men,


         Knows he cannot beat

         The ‘card-stuck-up-the-sleeve’ men.



Luke 23 v 1-12


Pontius Pilate seated in invidious position …..

Former heavy-handedness against the Jews’ tradition …..

Any further war crimes will require your extradition …..

What are you to do?


Herod, you’ve upset the people by your second marriage ….

Rumours which you’ve heard of Jesus make you Him disparage …..

Jesus treats you with disdain, does not approve your carriage …..

What are you to do?





          AROUND AD 37.











169     THE ‘WEAK’ MAN AND THE ‘PUPPET’ MAN (2)   Luke 23 v 1-25


      Hear the twisted trumped up charges …..

      Council’s smoke-screen camouflages

      All their hidden base intent;

      Seditious tales they now invent.


      Whipping up to great excitement

      Early morning crowd ….. incitement …..

      Party-faithful close to riot …..

    – Not the governor’s favourite diet.


      Cowardly Pilate, feeling peppered,

      Handing Jesus on to Herod …..

      Passing buck , avoiding friction …..

     (Falls in Herod’s jurisdiction.)


      This is just a transient respite …..

      Herod disappointed, despite

      Obvious glee when Jesus meeting …..

      Thus returned with guard policing.


      Pilate’s cross-examination

      Left him feeling most impatient …..

      Holding here an innocent man …..

      Must release him, if he can!


     “This man’s as innocent as me!

      I’ll have him whipped, then set him free …..

      Passover pardon’s my discretion;

      To set him free is my volition.”


     “Give us Barabbas!” ….. “Jesus?  Kill him!” …..

      Noise and clamour now instil him

      With a fear of Rome’s displeasure …..

      Pilate folds up under pressure.

170  FIT FOR A KING  Luke 23 v 1-12 and 37-38


   Wearing a fine robe,

   The finest thing you’ve had in all your life –

   Fit for a King!


    Are you a King, then?

   The questions on their lips to save your life

   No answers bring.


   No need for answer;

   Your whole demeanour speaks the name you have –

   Of kings, the King!



171 SIMON OF CYRENE Luke 23 v 26 and Mark 15 v 15-18


          Why did they make him carry

          The cross You had to bear?


          Were You so badly beaten

          That your back was one great tear?


          ‘Midst crown of thorn and rigours

          Of that long and dusty road,


          This one last kindness …..

          Carrying for You your heavy load.


172  DYING DAY  Luke 23 v 27-39


        Oh!  Look how the crowds do stare!

        How came you by your bloody hair?

        How came you by your low stooped gait?

        How came you by your beaten face?


        Where are your friends , your chosen ones?

        Do they not know where love belongs?

        And how must your heart be bleeding now?

        Is there no right on Earth below?


O your dying day!   O your dying day has come!

You give your life away … and the Devil’s day is done!


        Oh!  Look how they laugh and jeer

        And turn their back with wicked sneer.

        They tell you save yourself!   How can

        You suffer thus, O Son of Man?


        And men, like pawns, will have their fling

        In blinded ignorance of their king.

        The Devil gloats ;  his hopes are high,

        Believing victory is nigh!


O your dying day!   O your dying day has come!

You give your life away … and the Devil’s day is done!



173  FATHER, FORGIVE THEM  Luke 23 v 33-34



        “Father, forgive them

         For they know not what they do! …..


         If only they had known Me,

         If they had just known You,


         My death would not be needed

         In a bid to help them live …..


         This, the whole purpose of my life –

         So, Father, please forgive!”  



174  CENTRE CROSS  Luke 23 v 38-43


       Centre cross , the central span

         Of the bridge from God to man …..


         On your right, a dying thief –

         Dying, still in unbelief;

         Centre cross has not availed

         For this man on cross impaled.


         On your left, another dying –

         But for mercy he is crying;

         Now, your Kingdom realised,

         Crosses bridge to Paradise.


         So it is for everyone –

         To the place the Lord has gone

         We can follow via the cross;

         Not to do so, our great loss. 


175  DYING SECONDS  Luke 23 v 44-46


          The darkness falls

          Unnaturally early …..


          The suffering Christ

          Alive, but only barely …..


          Darkness, as if

          To hide the tragic second 


          When darkest death

          To Him will soon have beckoned …..


          Yet, as He dies,

         “Father, I give my spirit


          To Your safe hands,

          With me right to the limit” …..


          That moment done,

          The Temple curtain rending,


          Opens the way

          To God that’s never ending.





Luke 23 v 49 , Luke 2 v 35 and John 19 v 25-27



   Here is my story –

   About a son I bore not long ago,

   And the Power and the Glory

   Came on me when I conceived, I know;

   And I nursed him as a baby

   And I held him in my arms;

   And if I could hold his destiny,

   I’d keep him from all harm!


   He moved me deeply

   With his thoughtful sonly love,

   And the Power and the Glory

   Came down on him like a dove;

   And I watched him from a distance

   And I saw him cure the blind;

   And if I could hold his destiny,

   I’d shout, “He’s my  son; Oh yes, he’s mine!”


   One day news reached me –

   He’d been taken and he’d been tried

   And the Power and the Glory

   Ran down from his head and side;

   And I rushed there to be with him

   And he made his friend my son;

   And if I could hold his destiny

   I’d have him back again …..

   Oh yes, I’d have him back again!


177     ARMS OF THE CROSS   


      Arms of the cross reach out to embrace


     Every person of every race.


     Every persuasion, bow down your knee!


     Arms reaching out , calling, “Come, follow me!”










178  WHERE WERE THEY?  Luke 23


      Where were the crowds supporting Jesus

      On that tragic day?

      Not everyone was pleased to see

      Messiah done away!


      Of course, the crowds were fickle,

      Blowing hot and blowing cold,

      And others hid away in fear

     (Not everyone is bold).

      With night arrest and early trial,

      Some were still in bed;

      Still others changed allegiance,

      By the Pharisees misled.

      Then, Councillors like Joseph

      Were to Jesus quite devoted –

      They pressed for His acquittal,

      Just to find they were out-voted.


179  THE BURIAL  Luke 23 v 50-56 and John 19 v 38-39



       No longer careful for his reputation,

       And wishing to make amends,

       Forms a mini-deputation

       To Pilate, for the body,

       Asking to take it from the cross

       And place it in his tomb,

       Offsetting his sorrow and his bitter loss.



       Accompanied by Nicodemas and the faithful women,

       Wrapping the body in a sheet of linen,

       Lay it in the unused grave

       And, awaiting passing of the Sabbath,

       Their embalming and their spices save.  


180  WHAT DAY IS IT?  Luke 24


          Your promises forgotten ,

          All hope is lying , rotten ;

          Disciples in confusion –

          Those three years an illusion .


          They have no preparation

          For Sunday’s great elation ;


          Their vision stops at Friday …..

          Their ‘blackness-of-the-sky’ day …..

          Their ‘finally-you-die’ day …..

          Their ‘been-and-gone-goodbye’ day …..

          Their ‘just-pie-in-the-sky’ day …..

          Their ‘hide-away-and-cry’ day …..

          Their ‘heave-a-heavy-sigh’ day …..

          Their ‘why-oh-why-oh-why?’ day …..




181     DAY THREE     Luke 24 v 1-12


        As soon as Sabbath will allow ,

        Observance of Passover past ,

        The women travel to the grave

        To use their costly spice at last .

        Expecting body lying cold

        And heavy stone to bar their way ,

        Their first surprise – to find it gone

        In the dim early light of day .


        The second shocking thing they find –

        No body there for them to embalm …..

        So , looking in the empty tomb ,

        Their minds are filled with numb alarm .


        Two shocks did not their quota fill ,

        For , looking round , two men they see –

        But these are shining in the gloom ,

        Yes , shining quite angelically .

        So bowing down , low to the ground ,

        This was their message of good cheer,

       “Why seek the living with the dead?

        He is alive ; He is not here!

        Remember what He said to you

        While He was here in Galilee –

        That He would die and rise again

        And this would happen on day three.”


        Two Mary’s and Joanna , next

        Reported all this to the men

        Who thought that it was gibberish –

        Since when did dead men rise again?!

        But Peter , fingers burnt the once ,

        Ran to the grave , bent down , looked in

        And saw just grave cloths lying there ,

        Went home to try to take it in …..  


182  WALKIE-TALKIE  Luke 24 v 13-35


        Slowly trudging to Emmaus,

        Two folk, probably man and wife,

        Busily discuss events  

        Disturbing their once happy life.


        Then a fellow-traveller joins them,

        Says, “Hello”  (withholding name),

        Asks the reason for their sadness

       (Faces give away their pain).


       “You must be the only person

        In all of Jerusalem

        Not to know the various happenings –

        Jesus , prophet , killed by them ,

        Our chief priests, handing him over

        To the Romans for a cross;

        We had pinned our hopes upon him,

        Now our lives are at a loss.


        Furthermore, this very morning,

        Three days after Jesus’ death,

        At the grave something suspicious –

        Now we’re trying to catch our breath!”


        Very gently, he rebukes them,

       “Can’t you see these things should be?”

        Going through the scriptures with them,

        Points out relevant prophecy.


183     THE WITNESSES      Luke 24 v 36-48


            Emmaus pair,

            There, telling out their story;

            Simon, too

            Has got a tale to tell,

            Like the pair,

            Why, he has seen the Lord now –


            Jesus is alive and well!



            The Lord is there among them –

            Can it be?

            It’s hard to take it in …..

           “Peace be with you!

            Look and feel me –

            I’m no ghost!

          – Just feel this bone and skin.”


            Eating fish

            As further confirmation,

            He invites them

            Look at hands and feet …..

            There, the marks

            Of cruel crucifixion –

            Death, so real,

            Itself now in defeat.


           “Sorry, but

            I hate to say I told you!


            Of the prophets have come true;

            Message of

            Repentance and forgiveness,

            And my witnesses are

            ………… YOU!” 


184  YOU NEED POWER!  Luke 24 v 47-49 and Acts 1 v 8


      You need power!

      Too weak and timid still to speak for me.


      You need power!

      To challenge this community. 


      You need power!

      To spread my name, the whole world wide.


      You need power!

      Internal, coming from inside.


      You need power!

      The Holy Spirit soon will come on you.


      You need power!

      The promise of your Father true …..


      All the power you need,

      As great as needs may be,


      Will be given you

      To help you in your work for Me.




185  V.T.O.   (Vertical Take Off)  Luke 24 v 50-53


               “Come walk with me

                To Bethany.

                I have to say goodbye”,

                He raised His hands

                And blessed them –

                Then He took off in the sky!


                Is Heaven ‘up’?

                It doesn’t matter –

                Now they understood;

                They walked

                The ‘horizontal bit’

                With Him, far as they could.


                And looking up,

                They worshipped Him;

                For them, a new life starts –

                The sadness

                Of His leaving

                Swallowed up in thankful hearts.  







186  THE END!


             So, recently, year 2000 ;


             Time is really flying on –


             But the story is as poignant


             As it was right from day one;


             Even now, demands involvement


             From the readers of his book …..


             Let’s be more than mere spectators,


             In respect for Dr. Luke!