Parish Church
Irvine St.
L7 8SY

All Saints Liverpool came together when 4 inner city parishes merged in 2011.

Worship Centre
Shiel Road
L6 3AB

The parishes where St Cyprians, St John the Devine, St Philips with St Davids and St Mary’s.

Allsaints currently use two centres the “Parish Church”, built in 1812, and the “Worship Centre”, built in 1974. The parish is run from the Hub on the Worship Centre site.

The Bishop of Liverpool (James Jones) consecrating the new Parish 2011
Parish Church of Allsaints, Irvine Street L7 8SY
Worship Centre, Sheil Road L6 3AB

A more in depth history of the Parish Church (was St. Mary’s Edgehill) can be found here:

A history of the The Worship Center (was St. Philip with St. David) can be found here:

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