• Church Eco Group – Savings

    The Church Eco Group recently took part in a session on energy saving as we look to ways to care for all God has given us. To follow is a leaflet giving some simple things we can do to save energy. We also are able to share a link with you...

  • Thy Kingdom Come – 13/05/21

    This year’s Thy Kingdom Come will begin on Thursday. There are different resources available to help us pray as individuals. Some links are below this message  or you can go to their website at (New For 2021 | Thy Kingdom Come).  There is alo a App to download to your smart phone...

  • APCM Documents 10/05/21

    Please find below the Documents for the AllSaints APCM 7PM 10/05/21 Zoom Zoom Allsaints APCM 7PM   Click Here for Allsaints_Zoom_Meeting

  • New Wine Merseyside 23rd May 8PM

    New Wine Merseyside 23rd May 8PM Online Speaker Tim Coates. New Wine Merseyside Celebration | May 23rd 2021 – YouTube

  • Brownes 72 newsletter 14 04 2021

    Allsaints Liverpool website Home page All Saints Church Liverpool – Together, working with God in our community (allsaintsliverpool.org)

  • Food Pantry

    We will soon be opening a Food Pantry. Your Local Pantry is a network of community food stores, creating a sustainable and long-term solution to food poverty and helping people save money on their food bills.  We are looking for volunteers who would like to be involved in working in...

  • Bible Book Club

    Helen is starting an online Bible Book Club for AllSaints (ALL welcome). First meeting will be Tuesday 4pm 18th August on Zoom to agree details. Then once a month meeting (also on Zoom) to discuss the selected book, covering such questions as, who wrote it, why was it written, what...

  • APCM 2021 Yearly Meeting on Zoom

    This years APCM for All Saints Liverpool has been scheduled as an ONLINE session on ZOOM. The Meeting will start at 7PM on MONDAY 10th of MAY, on the normal All Saints Liverpool ZOOM meeting room details. Click Here for Allsaints_Zoom_Meeting Immediately following the APCM will be a PCC meeting...

  • Shirley Heywood Prayer Letter 62

    Allsaints Liverpool website Home page All Saints Church Liverpool – Together, working with God in our community (allsaintsliverpool.org)

  • Daily Prayer Topics

    James Jones in his book “With my whole heart” gave seven points of thankfulness which added together leads to thanksgiving with all of your heart: Justice (v 3) in a world of so much unfairness. Mercy (v 4) as sinners we are dependent on God’s forgiveness. Food (v 5a) God...