All Saints Liverpool are learning how to share our Sunday services Live online.

The setup we are using is as follows :-

  • The Equipment
  • DELL I7 Laptop (refurbished)
  • Cannon AX40 web cam
  • Camlink ELGATO 20gam9901 HDMI to USB Dongel (video and sound)
  • Soundcraft UI24R Rack mounted sound mixing deck USB or XLR out. (existing sound system)
  • The Software
  • Easyworship 2009
  • OBS STUDIO v26.0
  • Online
  • At least 2mbytes of Internet access is required from the Laptop
  • YOUTUBE CHANNEL (Live Streaming needs setting up for each stream)

The Church normal sound system, as used by the worship musicians and lecturn microphones, was used to link the sound to the Live Stream service via a standard XLR to XLR audio cable.

The Webcam supports XLR wired connections direct from the Sound Mixer or from a Micrphone (Wired or Radio) to the camera.

Sound and video is fed diectly to the Laptop via the HDMI (camera output) to USB (computer input) adapter (dongel) . This helps reduce latency between Video and Sound on the Live Stream.

The EasyWorship program on the laptop, allows the Camera picture and sound to be merged with EasyWorship Service slides that form the service displayed to the congregation.

The video output from EasyWorship (sent to projectors etc.) is also captured by the OBS Studio software (running on the same laptop – or separate laptop if required). OBS controls the Live Stream and sends the output to YOUTUBE, via the Internet connection, for public viewing .

Once OBS Live Stream is configured and working, EasyWorship is used to control the service, what appears on Easyworship appears on the live stream screen.

There are lots of options in this setup you will need to master, but it does produce a robust method of Live Streaming a service to a online audience.

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