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Daily Prayer Topics

James Jones in his book “With my whole heart” gave seven points of thankfulness which added together leads to thanksgiving with all of your heart:

  1. Justice (v 3) in a world of so much unfairness.
  2. Mercy (v 4) as sinners we are dependent on God’s forgiveness.
  3. Food (v 5a) God has made ample provision for us all
  4. The covenant (v 5b) in a world of so many broken relationships God’s promise to love his people will not be broken
  5. The commandments (v 7) are there to give us moral guidance
  6. Truth (v 8) God gave us the Truth……. Jesus said “I am the way, the Truth and the Light”.
  7. Redemption (vs 9) God pledges to redeem us.

“If we want other people to praise and love God, we must praise God first.

James Jones suggests that we set aside one gratitude for each day of the week.

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