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Update from Unganda

From: Opio Alex
Date: 16 February 2021 at 5:10:14 pm GMT
To: JimHuthwaite

Hi Jim Huthwaite, I hope it’s all fine with you, your family and everyone at All Saints Liverpool.

A big thank you to everyone who was praying for my ill condition to get better. It’s improving, I can stand and walk some distances. I am still to undergo physical therapy and prohibited from riding a motorcycle further. It pains harder if I walk a distance more than a mile. Keep praying till God finishes my healing.

Schools may open in few months time and we couldn’t raise enough money to provide for the conditions set on covid 19 for opening schools in our country. We are not yet very sure to open the school if we fall short of required finances and these conditions. We are yet in the race.

This is therefore an issue of prayer for our partner church All Saints Liverpool. We anticipate schools to open in April and March should be our limit time to finish every arrangements including inspections by government education department of our district who will approve the school to open or not basing on our preparation on ground.

Thank you.

Rev. Alex

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