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Bump it Forward

Here is a way to celebrate the Covid Vaccine rollout in the UK and to help others at the same time Read the full story below..

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As the vaccine rolls out in advanced economies, the health inequalities across the world become more stark. For example, in the UK, the vaccine rollout is well underway with every person eligible for a free vaccination on the NHS.

In poorer countries, it will take longer for the vaccine to reach even the most vulnerable or frontline workers. For health systems which are already woefully under-resourced, dealing with a second wave and new strain of COVID-19 is a monumental challenge.

Hospitals and clinics are operating without the basics to protect their staff and patients. PPE and basic sanitation is in short supply, frontline workers are dying or are at home sick with COVID – without basic support, fragile health systems will be decimated of their most precious resource at this time – health workers.

To find out more, click here: https://www.lstmed.ac.uk/bump-it-forward

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