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Alex Opio, Uganda – Prayer for Healing

Please pray for healing for Alex

Hi JimHuthwaite, hope it is all fine with you and everyone at All Saints.

Brother, I fell sick on the 19/12/2020 and I struggled to treat with health personnel within the parish where I was and it couldn’t work. Last week on Monday 11/01/2021 I was transferred to Nebbi where I was admitted for eight days in Tue hand of a physiotherapy doctor. I was in pains as the socket in my hip slid sideway onto the spinal cord nerve that descends to my left limb. The pain was enormous that for weeks I couldn’t stand. I am discharged today with drugs to continue taking at home.

Tasked to rest at home, to leave riding motorcycle and travel by cars ( public means). Using public means for ministry in the future is challenging to my ministry as it is expensive and not time saving.

Asked to buy waist belt for fastening myself whenever I am to work or travel.

Prayer for healing is my request now. I straight away launched a prayer by the close of last week that I need a personal car for my ministry and I think God will answer me in his own time.

I am back home this evening but this is a situation if prayer I needed to give you for my healing brother JimHuthwaith.

God bless you and everyone at All Saints Liverpool.

Rev. Alex

email 18/01/2021

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