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Letter From Uganda

Below is a Christmas letter from Rev Alex Opio about his church in, Awobia and Adusi Parish, in Uganda.

Christmas Greetings from Rev Alex Opio, Adusi Parish, Uganda

From: Alex Opio
Date: 10 December 2020 at 12:54:57 pm GMT
To: Jim Huthwaite

Hi Jim Huthwaite.

Greetings in the love of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s lovely to hear from you brother. Your Christmas wishes for me, family and everyone is welcomed.

As a family we are fine and free from covid -19 as of today. We are doing everything possible to keep ourselves free from the pandemic. The good thing is our government is doing everything to keep us safe from covid- 19 and our role is to obey. Government has also distributed masks to everyone in the country and offering maximum care to the infected ones to avoid them infect others, something I very much cherish. We hope to celebrate Christmas when healthy and we wish you so.

Schools this year have opened but for candidate classes only. The rest of the running classes may open soon I anticipate with strict guidelines to follow for safety. We are not yet sure whether this young secondary school we have will open for our village communities due to financial constraints imposed on us by unavoidable conditions to meet standards of covid -19.

The parish ministry is regaining because government has opened churches for 70 people in a service where the standard operating procedures (SOPs) to keep ourselves safe from the disease can be afforded. We have obeyed and church fellowships are going on well. The struggle is to ensure we meet the set rules and we think we put Christians to risk if we operate without the SOPs. We also like to obey our rulers always as they struggle to protect. We look up to government for all the ways out this season of the pandemic.  Prayer requests:

1. Pray we may meet the health standard operating procedures to allow the school open next year after Christmas and the construction of the school for a better learning environment for students. All we need are finances from God.

2. Pray for safety for the lay readers who are leading people in the daughter churches against covid -19 infection. 

3. Pray for financial break through for all the daughter churches of Adusi to meet the health SOPs every Sunday.

4. Pray for the construction of Awobia church and Akaa secondary school.

5. Continue to pray for God’s blessings for my family to raise tuition fees for my children and for the lay readers through agriculture. We really need good health brother.

Give our calvary greetings to Rev. Bob, Rev. Mike and everyone at All Saints Liverpool.   May the Almighty God father of saviour keep you safe from covid -19, bless your prayers for us and prosper you in ministry in Jesus name, Amen.

Rev. Alex Opio

You can download or read the leter (as a PDF file) online by clicking the name or download button.

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