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Brownes Prayer Letter 20 Nov

News Letter from Michael Browne CMS misionary in Argentena.

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Covid-19 update:

The number of daily reported cases continues in the thousands, but in our part of the country the numbers are coming down. We seem to be over the worst, maybe because so many people have had it (without knowing). It’s spring here, with temperatures regularly over 30 C, and so maybe that’s in our favour now too. We’re not in lock-down now, but have to maintain social distancing and wear face masks in public – at least that’s the theory, although many people are not being very careful. Travel around the country is still severely restricted, but rules are expected to be relaxed by
Christmas to provide for the summer tourist season, at least within Argentina. The main crisis now is the economic situation, with so many jobs being lost. The government is currently in negotiations with the IMF to try to get some help. Argentina is due to receive

the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in December, but it’s not clear yet who will get it or when.

Family news:

We have not been ill with covid-19, and give thanks to God for his protection and provision during this time. We are all well, except Silvia, who has pains in her feet and in one hand (for which she is having physiotherapy) and now has
been diagnosed with glaucoma in her right eye, which needs further studies before beginning treatment. Kevin and Chris continue their studies online: Chris has done well throughout the year, and so is now in his final week before
breaking up for summer holidays; Kevin has begun reparing for exams in January. They also keep busy with their music: Chris with violin and Kevin with drums.

Translation progress:

The translation work continues too: Ana, Estela and Hilario have all uploaded more chapters of Numbers, 1 Kings and Judges recently, while Michael continues with the checking
process. José had a problem with his laptop, which technicians from the Bible Soc are trying to resolve remotely. We haven’t been able to meet up since March, and we won’t be able to travel to meet up again as a team in the next few months. We meet up for a chat over zoom once a month, but due to internet limitations, the connection doesn’t work very well. However despite this, and the fact that the translators don’t have suitable conditions to work at home, progress continues to be made: praise God!

On 29th October, in anticipation of the 90th anniversary celebration of the arrival of the first Anglican missionaries to the Tobas (30th October 1930), New Testaments were donated by the Bible Soc to the Toba churches, with great interest being reported by the translation team.


Points for prayer:

Give thanks we and the Toba communities have all been kept safe from the coronavirus; please pray this will continue. Pray for safety at all times for all of us, and for
the Lord’s protection in the spiritual battle we face as we seek to translate the Word of God. Pray for ongoing progress of the translation work, especially for José’s laptop to be fixed, and that we will soon be able to meet up again as a team, hopefully after the summer break in January. Give thanks for work still being done on Numbers, Judges and 1 Kings. All books have been started now!

Pray for the Lord’s ongoing provision for all of
us, and give thanks that we can depend on Him
in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Please pray too for our health, especially for
Silvia’s eyesight and tendons in her feet and
right hand.

Many thanks for all your support in prayer! God bless you! With love in Jesus!
Michael, Silvia, Kevin and Christopher Browne

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