Update from the Browne’s in Argentina

Deb received the following news from Mike Browne on 2nd July:

Hello Deb:

Many thanks for your email. Silvia has been very surprised and also encouraged by the response she’s received from this video. (click the link to see Silvia’s video)


We are doing fine with the Covid-19 situation here. Our lockdown has been relaxed considerably now, but although there is still no circulation of the virus here in our area, it is getting closer, so we try to keep safe always. I work at home, so that hasn’t changed, but we haven’t been able to meet up with the Toba translators since March, and that won’t be possible for several months I don’t think. Travel around the country is still extremely limited – you can’t travel between provinces, and even within Salta province Where we live there’s not always free movement.

As for church, we watch services on YouTube, and have after church coffee by zoom with our church in Crawley. I’m also watching a church in Brazil which is helping me learn more Portuguese!

Every blessing to all at All Saints!
With love from all of us!