Newsletter from the Brownes No.68

Coronavirus Update 2

The early and decisive response of the Argentine government to the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the virus has not spread widely in Argentina, and its fragile
health system has not been overwhelmed. With the exception of greater Buenos Aires and three other regions
in the country, there is no spreading of the virus in the community and lock-down restrictions are being eased.

So we are still at home, but we can go out, go shopping, and meet with friends or family at the weekends (up to 10 people). We are all well, and give thanks to God that in all this time we have had all we needed – food, medicines, clothes and petrol etc. Kevin and Chris continue their studies online, with little possibility of classes resuming in the near
future – at least until after the winter holidays in July. Silvia has continued to help care for her dad, going twice a week, with an official permit to pass the police check points. We have tried to make the most of these unusual times: Chris
has been doing an online violin course with the Nicola Benedetti Foundation from Scotland, which wouldn’t have happened without lockdown. And best of all,
we’ve been able to share in online church services from around the world, including Zoom coffee with our church in Crawley!

The translation work continues too: both Hilario and Estela have uploaded more work in recent weeks, and Michael continues with checking spelling and exegetical content of
the work done. We haven’t been able to meet up since March, and we’re unlikely to be able to travel around the country to meet up again as a team in the next few months, but progress continues to be made: praise God! Estela has finished 2 Chronicles and is now working on 1 Kings, and Hilario on Leviticus.

Ana and José don’t have suitable conditions to work at home, but would be continuing with Numbers and Ezekiel respectively.

Points for prayer:
Give thanks we have been kept safe from the coronavirus; please pray this will continue. In Formosa province (where the Tobas live) there have been no cases so far. Pray for
safety at all times for all of us, for the Lord’s protection in the spiritual battle we face as we seek to translate the Word of God.
Pray for ongoing progress of the translation work, and that even without our monthly team meetings we won’t be held back or discouraged.
Pray for the Lord’s ongoing provision for all of us, and give thanks that we can depend on His economy in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Many thanks for all your support in prayer! God bless you! With love in Jesus!

Michael, Silvia, Kevin and Christopher Browne
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May 2020
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