News From the Brice’s for May

Dear Friends.

We are fit and well, but our movements are restricted.  Marie is loving it as she can get on with her drawing, painting and writing.  We don’t have it hard at all.  The government has made every effort to provide financial support for the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Marie is out shopping in the big (Walmart) super market because on Monday pensioners, gets a discount. But she will have to queue up with a face mask on since opening hours have been restricted.  There probably wont be more than a meter of social distancing at the most. We are now officially allowed out to walk out side, but even before we would go out early in the morning to walk around the block.  We are, however, extremely fortunate to have a large walled area where our and our neighbour’s houses are.  Now the grass has been cut its good for walking around all be it a little uneven. 

Of course the world has seen pandemics before and worse ones than this, but its still a novelty for the current occupants.  We pray for all those leaders making decisions that will effect the future may God give them  wisdom to discern the big lessons that need to be learnt and the new opportunities that it presents.

With all our love

Ed and Marie.

Address: Calle Colon 650 Tartagal 4560 Salta
Argentina. Email: Ed.g.brice@gmail.com

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