Shirley Heywood Prayer Letter 57

Newsletter 57 from Shirley Heywood in Napal March 2020.

Prayer letter 57
March 2020
S Heywood, c/o INF
PO Box 1230 Kathmandu, Nepal
E-mail address: sheywood@inf.org

Dear Friends
We have had the great joy of seeing the fistula centre full over the past month. I am thankful that I have recovered my health in time for this busy time. Dr Andrew Browning was with us for almost one week in February and did some wonderful surgery. As those patients recover from surgery and leave us, more are arriving. The outreach workers have been busy and a total of eight patients they have identified have already arrived. More are preparing.
A full ward – Sangita (in red, right) has now had the surgery she needed to make her almost dry. Pray for full healing over the coming months as she works to exercise and strengthen muscles injured at delivery of her baby.
People of all ages can suffer fistula. Rada, aged 10 (left), had a congenital ureteric fistula. Now cured, she looks forward to school and says she would like to be a doctor.
Puran (right) had a bladder stone as well as fistula. She was very frightened when she first arrived. Now the stone has been removed, she has made friends in the Fistula centre and will have repair of her fistula in two or three weeks.
We also have just enjoyed a very encouraging visit from one of our donor organisations in US, Brooke and Daphne from Hope For Our Sisters. They generously support our outreach activities and were able to see the outreach workers in action over three days in Dailekh and Kalikot districts, enjoying beautiful scenery and spring weather.
My visa will expire on April 3rd. The process for renewal is going well and hopefully will be complete before the current visa expires which is important to me as the ruling on not working when on tourist visa is now very strictly applied. Please pray that progress for my visa and other INF visas will continue to go smoothly. Pray for Kiran, the new INF liaison officer at the Nepal Country Office in Kathmandu, who with Phil Morris the Director is doing great work, building relationships with the different Government Offices.
I am looking forward to coming home in the summer for time with family, but I hope that I will be able to visit those of you who I did not manage to see last year during my home assignment.
For prayer:
• Give thanks for the success of the fistula outreach team in meeting with communities and identifying those in need of surgery. Pray for wisdom for them, and safety in travel.
• Pray for our patients, that God will continue to heal and bless them.
• Pray for wisdom and skill for our team here as we care for the women.
• We have not yet recruited a doctor to train in fistula surgery. Please pray as we re-advertise the position for the right person to see the notice and apply.
• We have begun the process of planning next years’ activities (our working year starts in July) pray for wisdom and clear thought as I work with Kanta and Kanti.
• Please pray for the visa process, giving thanks that most visas are now being granted. Some have been refused however and some friends must therefore leave Nepal and seek God’s will for their future.
• There is a tightening of regulations and supervision of foreigners in the country. Tourist visas will no longer be available on entry at the airport and each District will supervise the activities of expats living there. Pray for wisdom and grace, that all those of us who are working with INF may be transparent in all we do and through service and good work we may maintain the good will of our hosts and live lives that are pleasing and glorifying to God.
May God bless you as we remember His love in giving his life for us and we prepare to celebrate Easter and the joy of Christ’s victory over sin and death.
With my love and thanks to you all

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