Message from Rev. Mike Coates 18th March

Please know how much God loves you and despite all it seems he will walk every step of this journey with each one. We need to be safe and sensible. Of course God will make all things right but does do with us and so we need to stay safe and be sensible. Serving our neighbour takes on a different emphasis because God calls us to remember those struggling the most we can make contact by social media, or telephone and try to show sensible courage in how we support others. Spend time with God we will be making some service details available hopefully filming some talks and live streaming some conversations and prayers. If you can keep checking the website allsaintsliverpool.org and if you can download and keep in touch by WhatsApp and Facebook. Know that we are praying for you and will do our best to give you any support we can. So let’s pray alone, together and often.

I am also starting a list of people to keep watch over and receive telephone calls if you want to opt in or know anyone who will benefit please let us know.