During the COVID-19 Pandemic Allsaints Liverpool are providing resources for our spiritual lives to continue, even in self isolation.

While most small groups are closed this page and the website in general is aimed to provide support and resources during the crisis, if you have any suggestions please raise them with the vicars.

  • Before coming to a Church service please consider the following:
  • Do NOT come if your as feeling ill
  • Do NOT come if you are shielding yourself or others
  • Be prepared to leave if social distancing cannot be maintained (too many people present)
  • Service at 10am Parish Church and at 11am at Worship Centre
  • Wear a face mask during the service and while inside the building
  • Safety most important
  • 2m distance seating and social distancing
  • No shared cup at Communion
  • No singing
  • Entrance and exit separate and signposted
  • Cleaning stations with Alcohol Gel
  • No coffee after service

22/10/2020 COVID update

Hi everyone quick update as promised. Worship continues to be an exemption to the local lockdown rules so long as we continue to do what we are doing. So we will continue to distance, wear masks, no singing, leave services promptly. It is still true that worship is not a place that passes on the infection but we need to continue to be vigilant.

Please pray for our services 10am at Parish Church and 11am at Worship Centre. For protection and safety. We hope to see you there but will still have an online service with live streaming coming soon for Christmas services. Mike Bob and Helen

13/10/2020 Update from most recent changes and guidelines regarding public worship and COVID

Local COVID alert level: very high

But places of worship remain open so long as we continue to abide by the current guidelines.

Please be careful obey the rules as a witness to God and if you have any symptoms please isolate and get tested.

Also don’t forget neighbours and friends ring them and if they or you need help with food please ask. Mike and Bob and Helen.

from Mail on Sunday 13/10/2020

18/09/2020 Local LockDown update (click link below for more details) http://allsaintsliverpool.org/2020/09/18/update-covid-19-local-lockdown/

03/09/2020 Parish Church reopens (click link below for more details) http://allsaintsliverpool.org/2020/09/03/parish-church-to-reopen-from-13th-september/

11/07/2020 Worship Centre Church re opens (click link below for more details) http://allsaintsliverpool.org/2020/07/11/church-opening-sunday-19-07-2020/

26/04/2020 Daily Hope Phone National Service Started :  0800 804 8044  Follow the link for more details http://allsaintsliverpool.org/2020/04/26/national-service-over-the-phone/

18/04/2020 See Messages from the Vicars : http://allsaintsliverpool.org/covid-19-updates/

05/04/2020 See our Youtube sites :

Services at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAZb5C7S42aOrGnaCurEqWA

Youth fun things at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVS6g81M02SmQ8nldlaW7Zg (Closed)

Also at 10AM daily (weekdays) a shared prayer service via Zoom https://us04web.zoom.us/j/3782241950

21/03/20 Daily Prayer Online, from Allsaints: http://allsaintsliverpool.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/covid-19-prayers.odt.pdf

21/03/20 Service sheet Online, from Allsaints: http://allsaintsliverpool.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Daily-Prayer-Servicesheets-All-Saints.pdf

23/03/20 See our Online services resource page http://allsaintsliverpool.org/online-services/

23/03/20 Form for contacting the church about Covid-19 issues and help. http://allsaintsliverpool.org/covid-19-form/

The following file (PDF format) is for a familiar simple service that can be followed as a guide to personal or family prayer.

See our Bible Study page for ideas about Bible readings you can study http://allsaintsliverpool.org/bible-studies/

Read the Church of England Prayer for the day https://prayer-and-worship/join-us-daily-prayer/todays-prayer

Church of England prayer page and other resources for people to use at home. https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/coronavirus-covid-19-liturgy-and-prayer-resources

Church of England advice and service resources (service Streaming etc.) https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-churches

Practice good Hygiene

  • Catch it – sneeze into a tissue.
  • Bin it – bin the tissue.
  • Kill it – wash your hands.
  • Do not touch your face unless you’ve washed your hands.
how to wash your hands

Contact us if we can help with Coronavirus issues :  http://allsaintsliverpool.org/covid-19-form/

A healing prayer for us all

Let us pray to God,
who alone makes us dwell in safety:

For all who are affected by coronavirus,
through illness or isolation or anxiety,
that they may find relief and recovery:
Lord, hear us,
Lord, graciously hear us.

For those who are guiding our nation at this time,
and shaping national policies,
that they may make wise decisions:
Lord, hear us,
Lord, graciously hear us.

For doctors, nurses and medical researchers,
that through their skill and insights
many will be restored to health:
Lord, hear us,
Lord, graciously hear us.

For the vulnerable and the fearful,
for the gravely ill and the dying,
that they may know your comfort and peace:
Lord, hear us,
Lord, graciously hear us.

We commend ourselves, and all for whom we pray,
to the mercy and protection of God.
Merciful Father,
accept these prayers
for the sake of your Son,
our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Some thing do do if you have time on your hands and want to get ready for Easter, watch the 1977 TV series Jesus of Nazareth, free (with adverts) on YouTube, 6hours of a classic series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50IiF1rTTGQ

YouTube also has a large number of free Audio Books you can listen to, well worth a search.

A stranger in paradise duet (Youtube – with adverts)